10 - 20 January 2018

Raibal Events Land

Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

About the Event

An experience to delight the senses and inspire the imagination. Visitors of all ages will see the world in new colors and be astounded by the beauty around them. The event will take place January 2018 in Jeddah. It will offer a look at the unique vibrancy, energy, and art of each city. Children and adults will take a colorful journey as they enjoy the artwork of Saudi artists and produce a bit of their own. The internationally acclaimed Luminarium by Architects of Air will form the centerpiece of the event, inviting visitors into a maze of light and color within an amazing structure based on Islamic Architecture.

Event Activities

  • The Luminarium

  • Kids Color Experiance

  • Art Station

  • Color Adventures

  • Shows & Performances

The Luminarium

A Luminarium is a sculpture people enter for an encounter with the phenomenon of light. Since 1992 more than 3 million visitors in over 40 countries across 5 continents have been welcomed into Architects of Air’s monumental luminaria. The Luminaria designed by Alan Parkinson is inspired by natural forms, geometric solids & Islamic architecture. The new creation is a maze of

winding paths and inspiring domes where visitors walk inside the huge inflatable sculpture for an amazing luminous light, sound and vivid color experience, and make themselves lost in sensory bliss. Visitors are to be excited to discover how different colours blend; how they transform faces and clothing where the first reaction is often one of delight at the unexpected beauty of the light.

The luminarium is made up of around 20 elements zipped together on site to typically occupy an area of 1400 square meters. Architects of Air are currently touring 7 luminaria around the world.

Kids Color Experiance

Kids to experience unforgeable & joyful moments full of activities associated with colors & entertainment. Professionals within kids art field and art lovers will provide an outstanding art experience and share their passion for kids expressions and happiness. Color experience is a unique kids workshop where they get to dive in color, create and paint their own art pieces through lines, splash, throw and whatever makes their soul breathe.

Art Station

Kids and their families to play with colors, enjoy games and activities, and have fun with these fabulous and creative game ideas. Color adventures encourage messy play activities that evoke feelings of happiness, optimism and energy. Engage in an extraordinary experience with

friends and families and play with color the way you never did before

Color Adventures

A place that fuels creativity, ignites minds and provides inspiration. Within the art station families and individuals can enjoy various art programs, sessions, workshops, art talks and outreach activities in an entertaining way. A great opportunity for visitors and artists to experience a collection of Art types, contemporary, sculpting, painting, sketching and much more. Art STATION provides a creative environment for artists and allows them to showcase and sell their work to a distinguished number of audiences. Artists are glad to meet and engage with audiences.

Shows & Performances

A series of performance art events introduce live artworks that are created through actions performed by artists and professionals, and draw on such arts as acting, dance, and painting. We take this opportunity to expose talented Saudi artists to express their art to the public in a way that is entertaining where audiences enjoy watching an astonishing shows.